Three Ways To Protect Your Horses Against Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a terrible illness that can transform the most healthy, willing equine companion into a stiff, irritable soul within a matter of weeks. While the condition is treatable with antibiotics--usually doxycycline or minocycline--the bacteria that cause it can remain dormant in the body and cause symptoms to reappear months or years down the road. So, as with many diseases, it's better to protect your horse against Lyme disease than it is to wait for it to develop and then treat it. [Read More]

Four Summer Tips For Dog Owners

During the summer, certain habits need to be changed to accommodate for the hot weather. This includes the way in which you go about your daily life with your dog. Here are four summer tips you need to consider as a dog owner: Don't Walk in the Middle of the Day: Long walks with your dog should never be taken in the middle of the afternoon right when the temperature is at it's hottest. [Read More]

3 Benefits Of Pet Acupuncture

While the use of modern medicine is definitely the most common type of treatment for animals, there are also other forms of medical treatment as well. Just as humans have alternative medicine options, animals do as well. These alternative forms of medicine differ from traditional medicine in the fact that they use more natural means to treat the patient. Alternative forms of medicine also generally hold the belief that the body is able to heal itself. [Read More]

From Senior Setters To Elderly Elk-Hounds, Tips To Care For Older Dogs

Dogs are considered to be seniors when they reach around seven-years of age, and this is often when many pets develop common diseases and conditions that accompany getting older. If these issues go undetected, they can become debilitating, even life-threatening, which is why preventative veterinary care is key in maintaining the health of your older dog. Some tips to care for your aging pet include: Make appointments for routine check-ups. Don't wait until something is wrong to take your pet to their vet; consider making appointments for routine check-ups and wellness visits. [Read More]