Should A Veterinarian Check Your New Gerbil?

If you recently adopted a gerbil from your local pet shop, take your new pet to a veterinarian for a checkup soon. Gerbils require special care to stay healthy in your home. A veterinarian can ensure your new pet doesn't have health issues that can make them sick. Learn more about gerbils and why you should take your gerbil to a veterinarian below. 

What Should You Know About Gerbils?

Although gerbils tend to be some of the most problem-free pets in the world today, they can experience some health issues as they age. Health problems, such as ear infections and digestive system disorders, can affect your new pet as it ages. Most of the health issues that affect gerbils require veterinarian care to treat. 

Gerbils can develop problems with their skin over time, including skin mites. Mites are tiny insects that burrow into another animal's fur and skin. Some types of mites can weaken their hosts by consuming their blood. If you notice tiny red insects on your gerbil's fur, you want to take your new pet to a veterinarian right away. 

Gerbils can also experience problems with their body temperature, tails, and teeth. The conditions normally occur in older gerbils but some younger gerbils can also develop health issues. 

You can keep your new gerbil from experiencing the health issues above by having a veterinarian examine it.

How Can a Veterinarian Check Your Gerbil?

A veterinarian can complete a full examination of your gerbil's ears, eyes, nose, and skin. An exam helps locate abnormal changes in your pet's body, such as patches of missing fur and mites in the ear. If a pet doctor finds a problem with your gerbil, they can treat it. 

A veterinarian may also check your pet for neurological problems. Some gerbils can experience seizures if they become too stressed or anxious. If your pet show signs of distress, such as gnawing excessively on hard objects, a veterinarian can recommend ways to keep your new pet calm. 

You may also learn how to improve your gerbil's diet during the exam. Gerbils can quickly become obese and inactive if you overfeed them. A veterinarian can discuss the best types of foods to feed your pet and when. If you have concerns about your pet's weight or activity levels in the future, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian immediately.

Learn more about your gerbil by contacting a veterinarian today.