Four Summer Tips For Dog Owners

During the summer, certain habits need to be changed to accommodate for the hot weather. This includes the way in which you go about your daily life with your dog. Here are four summer tips you need to consider as a dog owner:

  1. Don't Walk in the Middle of the Day: Long walks with your dog should never be taken in the middle of the afternoon right when the temperature is at it's hottest. This can easily lead to your dog becoming dehydrated. Plus, the ground tends to be extremely hot during this time, which can lead to your dog burning his or her little paws. 
  2. Know the Signs of Overheating: Since dogs do not sweat, they are much more likely to become overheated. It's important that you know what these signs are so that you can address the problem before it gets worse. When you notice these signs, you can by hydrate your dog right away and get them out of the sun. Some signs include excessive drooling, bloodshot eyes, and extreme lethargy. 
  3. Pack Water: Even if you are going for a short walk or just going for a drive, you need to bring along some water for your dog. You never know when your dog might need it in the heat, and it's going to be necessary for your dog if they start to appear overheated. This can help you avoid a possibly devastating situation. Just be sure that you bring enough water for your dog and yourself along with a small dog bowl so they can easily drink it. 
  4. Take Your Dog Swimming: Finally, if you want to take your dog out exercising, especially in the middle of the afternoon, going for a swim is the best option. If you don't have a pool, you can set up sprinklers or if you live close to the beach, you can always take your dog to the dog beach. This is a great exercise for your dog and there's no worry about them getting too hot. However, you should still bring plenty of water just in case along with investing in some doggy sunscreen. 

When you consider these four summer tips as a dog owner, you can be sure that your dog is going to stay safe and healthy this summer. Be sure that you save an emergency animal clinic's number in your phone, however, just in case of an emergency so that you know where to take your dog right away.