Cremation Services For Your Pets: How This Works Via Your Veterinary Clinic

Some cities have pet cemeteries and pet crematoriums. This tends to creep people out, especially after reading the Stephen King novel, or seeing the related movie. If you are one of those people, you can have a cremation for your pet via a veterinary clinic. Here is how these particular services work. Your Pet Is Put Down When your pet is put to sleep after a long life or a difficult illness, your vet will ask you if you want to take the body home or have your pet cremated. [Read More]

Understanding The Importance Of Proper Grooming For Your Dog

While it can sometimes seem like a luxury to take your dog to the groomers or the veterinarian for grooming, it is important for your pet to have a proper grooming a couple of times a year. There are things that a bath alone will not dog for your pup, some of which are health-related and some just cosmetic. Whether it be at your vet's office or the local groomer, taking your dog in for a full grooming once in a while can be a treat they look forward to. [Read More]

Bought Your First Equine Horse? 2 Tips To Keep It Healthy

If you just purchased a new equine horse you need to learn how to care for it. This is especially true since you have never owned a horse before. Below are two tips to help you get started so you can keep your new horse healthy and enjoy it for a long time: Enough Water It is important that your equine horse gets enough water, especially on days that it is hot and humid. [Read More]

Is It Okay To Let Cats Hunt?

Cats have evolved to be extremely powerful predators of smaller prey. In this modern age, most house cats have no need to hunt, as their owners take care of them. However, some owners wonder if it's better to allow cats to hunt. Doing so can help to keep them in prime physical condition, and it would seem that there's nothing better for a cat to eat than prey. If you're considering allowing your cat to hunt freely, consider the following points first: [Read More]