4 Tips For Choosing The Right Pet Boarding Facility For Your Dog

Dogs often become a pert of the family, but unfortunately, it is not possible to take them everywhere. Whether you're going on a business trip or taking a vacation, the time may come when you need to rely on others to care for your pup. The solution is taking your dog to a pet boarding while you are away from home. Use the following tips to choose the perfect pet boarding facility for your pet:

Tour in Advance

While many pet boarding facilities have web sites with photographs, it is always a good idea to tour the facility before making an appointment for your dog to stay there. During your tour, pay attention to how clean the facility is, the size and condition of the area where your dog will sleep, and areas where dogs can socialize with other dogs and employees of the boarding facility. 

Ask About the Daily Schedule

Most dog owners don't want their dog to spend all day in a small kennel while at a boarding facility. In this day and age, most pet boarding facilities offer doggy play time with other dogs being boarded, walks and other forms of exercise, and time where staff members will interact and play with the dogs. Before deciding on a pet boarding facility, make sure you know how much time your dog will spend outside of his kennel during his stay.

Know What's Included

It is important to know what is included in the cost of boarding before you drop off your dog. Some pet boarding facilities are all inclusive and include food, water bowls, cots or dog beds, dog toys, and treats, while others may ask you to provide your pet's food, favorite toy, or bedding. When you know exactly what is included in the price, it makes it easier to compare different pet boarding facilities. 

Emergency Procedures

When you find a pet boarding facility that you really like, don't forget to ask them about how they prepare for pet emergencies. You should know if there is any staff working during the night and early morning, and whether the dogs are monitored outside of business hours. If your dog requires medication, make sure that the pet boarding facility is experienced in administering canine medication. It is also worth asking about what animal hospital or emergency vet they use if there is an emergency where one of the dogs staying at the facility need veterinary care.