Has Your Doggy Over-Indulged During The Holidays? How To Treat Its Upset Stomach

With all the holiday festivities in full swing, it's not uncommon to overdo it at the buffet table, especially with all the tasty treats to enjoy. However, too much of those tasty treats, and you could end up with a raging upset stomach. You might not realize this, but your family dog can end up with the same problem, especially if it's been roaming around the house, enjoying samples from everyone's plates. If your dog has done some serious holiday overeating, and ended up with a raging upset stomach, you'll need to step in and take control of the situation. Here are four easy steps you can take to help your dog recover from its holiday binge eating.

Close the Buffet

If your dog has overeaten and gotten sick, the most important thing you can do is close the buffet. Dogs won't stop eating until food is removed, especially when they're being offered treats that they usually don't have access to. Remove all food and give your dog's stomach a break for a few hours.

Bring on the Pepto-Bismol

If your dog is just plain miserable due to overeating, it's a good idea to bring on the Pepto-Bismol. Dogs can safely take the medication to treat stomach upset. A good rule of thumb is to purchase child-strength Pepto-Bismol, and use the dosing instructions according to the weight of your dog. The Pepto-Bismol will soothe your dog's stomach.

Add Some Plain Yogurt

Once your dog starts feeling better, start giving it small servings of its normal food. Add a few tablespoons of plain yogurt to each serving of food. The yogurt will add essential bacteria to your dogs gut and help it get back to normal quicker. It will also help your dog digest the unhealthy food that might be lingering in your dogs belly. To help your dog maintain healthy digestion after it recovers from the upset stomach, continue to add a teaspoon of plain yogurt to each meal. Don't forget to offer plenty of fresh water at each meal.

Encourage Frequent Potty Breaks

While your dog is suffering from an upset stomach, it's a good idea to to encourage frequent potty breaks. Your dog may not be able to let you know quickly enough when it's suffering from stomach problems. Not only that, but the extra walks will help keep the digestion going, and will also help release gas that may be making your dog uncomfortable.

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