Preparing for Your Pet's Final Veterinarian Visit

If you've made the painful decision to put your beloved family pet to sleep, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more comfortable for you and your pet. Use this guide to help prepare for this difficult time, and consult with the veterinarian at your local animal hospital for further guidance.

Pay in Advance

Ask the staff at the animal hospital if you can pay for the procedure in advance. You may be able to do this over the phone with a credit card or in person before the procedure is scheduled. By paying in advance, you can simply leave the facility after saying goodbye to your pet without having to spend any longer there than you have to. In the event that you are unable to pay for the procedure in full, inquire about payment arrangements in advance as well so you have one less thing to think about later on.

Make Your Pet Comfortable

Take some time to cuddle with your pet before you leave for the animal hospital. If possible, give your pet a special treat he or she loves to provide extra comfort. Prepare the carrier you will use to transport your animal with a soft blanket, and if he or she has a favorite toy, place it in the carrier as well. For larger animals, prepare the back seat of your car with a blanket and pillow.

Make Final Arrangements

You may request to keep your pet's cremains, or you can let the animal hospital take care of them for you. If you choose to keep the cremains, look into purchasing an urn to pay tribute to the memory of your pet. Some animal hospitals may take a print or cast of your pet's paws, which you can keep even if you choose not to keep the cremains. Discuss all of your available options in advance so you don't have to make any additional difficult choices on the day of the procedure.

Seek Help

The grieving process after losing a pet can be difficult. Fortunately, there are resources available you can use to seek help in dealing with the grief. You can join a pet loss support group or seek the assistance of a therapist. Your animal hospital may be able to point you toward local resources to help you in dealing with this painful process.

Remember that you are looking after your pet's best interests in every decision you make. With the help of your veterinarian and the staff at a local animal hospital like Kenmore Veterinary Hospital, you can get the support you and your pet need.